5 question every new parent asks

5 question every new parent asks

5 question every new parent asks

Did you know that your baby is developing memory from as young as two or three weeks of age?

A baby as young as two or three weeks will remember your smell. 

Here are few questions, every new parent has, hear from experts what they have to say about them.

Why do babies sleep all the time?

Babies don’t understand that the norm is to sleep at night-time and be awake during the day. So they sleep in bursts of three or four hours usually, wake up to have a feed and then go back to sleep.

As their brain develops, they get reasons for not to sleep as they know things to be curious about. They begin to engage with the new world, their parents start to talk to them and read to them. So they get into predictable pattern of being awake for longer periods.

Why do babies like and need human touch?

Skin to skin touch offers so many benefits for your baby, it leads to better digestions, temperature regulation, weight gain, better immunity, better sleep and brain growth. Parents also get the benefit from it, feel-good hormones are released due to skin-to-skin with baby.

How much should I engage with my child?

Babies are naturally curious, they are eager to explore their environment. Everything’s new in this big world for them. Research shows that early interaction with parents and caregivers accelerates your baby’s brain development.

There are many learning opportunities, for eg: you may sing to your baby, read to your baby, take baby out for a walk, introduce them to the world gradually.

How should we encourage language learning?

We recommend communicating with your child as young as 2-3weeks old. Babies start communicating with gestures before they start speaking words or even cooing.

One of the great way to develop language is “serve and return”, in simple terms, take turns while communicating with your baby. You say something then wait for them to communicate back to you. It could be using expressions, coos or gestures.

Babies also love repetition so whenever they say something, do reply back and mimic them.You may also use modulation in your tone and see how your baby gets amused by it.

These back and forth conversations lay the foundation for language development.

What should I do to soothe my crying baby ?

There is no such thing as spoiled infant. Babies should be given what they want and be responded to quickly when they are distressed.

You may have heard some advices “let him/her cry it out”. This advice is not good for a parent of a baby in early years. Your baby needs to have the sense that someone will meet her needs on a consistent, predictable manner.