3-Sleep tips for 3months old baby

3-Sleep tips for 3months old baby

3-Sleep tips for 3months old baby

Every baby is different, but a typical 3-month-old needs between 14 and 17 hours of sleep in a 24-hour period, including three to four naps totalling four to six hours. However, it's also normal for 3-month-olds to sleep a little more or less than that. Your 3-month-old may sleep for longer stretches at night, possibly five hours (or even a bit more) at a time. Don’t panic if your little one is up more frequently, though — some babies still wake to eat every few hours at this stage.

Here are few tips to extend the night sleep -

A consistent sleep time routine – This helps regulate your baby’s sleep pattern.

now's a good time to start a bedtime routine. Whatever routine works for your family is fine, as long as you do it in the same order at the same time every night. You may include the following in your night time rituals

  • Feed your baby
  • Give your baby a bath
  • Read bedtime stories
  • Play some soothing music or sing lullaby
  • Give her a good night kiss

Play with your baby during the day. 

Although your 3-month-old will still spend much of the day napping, playing with her when she is awake will help her learn how to differentiate between day and night.

Try to put your baby to bed when she's drowsy. Placing your baby in her crib when she’s drowsy but not yet asleep helps her learn how to go to sleep on her own.

3-month-old baby sleep issues

Sleep problems can happen even when parents do everything "right." These are a few of the more common ones you may encounter at this age:

  • Teething pain is keeping your baby up. Some babies show signs of teething as early as 2 to 3 months. If you suspect that your baby is teething, stick to your bedtime routine and try to calm him when you go into his room at night by patting his back or singing him lullabies.
  • Constant night-time feedings. At 3 months, your baby will probably still need to eat once or twice during the night. But three or four night-time feedings usually aren't necessary at this age. Make sure your baby is getting plenty to eat during the day and try to encourage him to eat a little more at bedtime.