Top 5 Sensory Activities for your 3 month old baby to boost brain development

Top 5 Sensory Activities for your 3 month old baby to boost brain development

Top 5 Sensory Activities for your 3 month old baby to boost brain development

Your baby is beginning to recognise colors, faces, and gaining control of their hands and core.

Here are top 5 sensory activities to boost your baby's brain development:

1. Tummy time

This is an essential sensory activity in your baby’s everyday routine. It helps to build coordination and strengthens your baby’s neck, shoulders, arms and trunk. These muscles also help with the motor skills such as rolling over, crawling, pulling self up and sitting up. Tummy time begins from birth, you may begin with your body as support to make tummy time easier for your baby,  lay your baby on your chest and try to talk to them with expressions to engage them. our cardholder from Level 1 play kit and sensory book from Level 2 Play Kit are great tools to promote tummy time.

2. Mirror play

Just prop a safe mirror in front of your baby and see them react. Your baby won’t understand that it’s actually their own image until much later. Babies love faces and that's why they love mirrors. They love watching their own reflection. Their visual tracking skills become stronger as they watch reflections of moving things. You may use our sensory book which comes with a mirror card.

Few ways how mirror play supports your baby’s development

  1. Mirrors can promote rolling, sitting, crawling, standing  mainly because they want to get closer to the reflection.
  2. Mirrors tend to catch and hold your baby’s gaze. The longer she focuses on something, the more her attention span
  3. It encourages baby reaching, patting, and pointing and strengthens your baby’s hand-eye coordination.

3.  Grasp and Hold

Your little one should be able to grasp an object for a short period of time.  Hold out different toys or objects and see if they will reach for them. Try to give them things that can be easily grasped. Don’t be surprised if the object quickly moves to their mouth. If it’s safe, allow them to explore it. Wooden rattle, rolling bell rattle, bear rattle are specially designed for small hands to practice grasping to build hand eye coordination.

4. Ball fun

We recommend using a large exercise ball for this activity. This fun activity for your 3 month old baby provides lots of movement which stimulates the development of the vestibular system. This system is responsible for the awareness of our body in space. Place your baby’s tummy over the ball, facing away from you. Hold your baby at the hips for stability and gently roll the ball back and forward, making sure she doesn’t slide off. This is a lot of fun, but also a great activity to practice tummy time.

5. Singing

Lay your baby in your lap and sing her favourite rhyme. This is key to developing your baby’s listening skills and develops a strong emotional connection.