Why are Montessori toys so heavily dominated by wooden ones?

Why are Montessori toys so heavily dominated by wooden ones?

Why are Montessori toys so heavily dominated by wooden ones?

You must have noticed that the majority of Montessori toys are wooden. Any Montessori classroom you visit will have all these beautifully crafted wooden toys kept in a basket or in a wooden tray. The question arises, why are Montessori toys made of wood? Let's read through a few of these reasons;

The wooden toys encourage exploration through the senses

Sensory benefits are associated with wooden toys. Wood is warm to the touch and cools in the wind, unlike plastic, which stays roughly the same temperature. Because of its density, the size and weight of an object alter as a result. As your child explores their environment, they will add information about size and weight to their frame of reference. Remember your child's mind is absorbent. 

Wooden toys are naturally lovely 

Beyond that idea of beauty in wood, Dr. Maria Montessori believed that beautiful toys enhanced the experience and environment of a child. She believed that these toys gave them a better sense of the importance of natural materials in life from an early age. Since they are forming themselves, and because they absorb their surroundings without a filter, they will construct their intelligence and perspective from the things around them. Truly beautiful toys will improve your child's cognitive development. Wood has a beauty that is impossible to replicate with human-made materials, feeding your little one with this beauty is the finest thing you can do.

Wooden toys are very durable

The Montessori learning program is both traditional and enduring, and it is also designed to be studied in depth. The toys must be able to withstand a lot of use. Particularly hard and fine-grained, birchwood is especially durable. Through numerous decades and many children, the item is most likely to endure without falling apart or breaking.

Wooden toys are preferable for the environment

Dr. Montessori's choice of materials in her curriculum reflects her respect for the environment. Because wood lasts longer and has a smaller environmental impact, it is a better choice than other materials. When a wooden toy is thrown away, it will biodegrade, as opposed to other materials that will sit in a landfill for a long time and have a large impact on the environment.

There are no health concerns associated with wood, which is a natural substance

Even the varnish used on the finished wooden toys is water-based and non-toxic so it has a neutral impact on your baby's health, Kizoplay takes extra care in ensuring that they are safe. Kizoplay uses very hard wood such as Birchwood, which is unlikely to splinter or break. Dr. Montessori believed that your child should be able to interact with their toys using all of their senses. Having safer toys guarantees that they can play without hesitation.

Wooden toys are the finest kind of toy to purchase for your young child. They are beautiful, natural, and healthy for your child and the environment.