How can Kizo Playkits help your child?

Kizo Play kits combines brain science and proven educational approach developed more than a century ago - the Montessori Method. The Montessori Method addresses your child’s cognitive, physical, linguistic, social, and emotional development. Researchers have long recognized the many benefits of Montessori, where “learning how to learn” is the best foundation for success.

Learning through Play
Each toy in our program promotes curiosity, creative play and learning while supporting language development, executive functioning and brain growth.
Embodied Learning
Montessori education prescribes learning through doing, involving as many senses as possible to stimulate motor and cognitive development.
Creative Learning
Montessori environments cultivate creativity through thoughtful design and materials, child-directed learning and a playful approach to education.
Our program is expertly timed so children repeatedly enter their ideal zone for learning, encouraging a growth mindset and healthy self-esteem.
Montessori fosters independence through the thoughtful design of each toy, the layout of the play space, and the way you interact with your child
Concentration and Flow
Intense, immersive concentration is a state that inspires creativity, productivity, and joy - exactly what Montessori settings are designed to foster.

Cosnult with our doctors to get your child assessed for the milestone per her age.

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