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Age: 5 Months+

What is included in Advance play kit?

🧠 Set of 8 Montessori Toys
👩‍⚕️ Get 1 free consultation call
📝 Developmental milestone chart
✉️ Weekly developmental tips on Whatsapp

What will my baby learn ?

✔️ Strengthens your baby’s grasp, hand-eye coordination, and body control
✔️ Builds core muscles required for crawling and walking
✔️ Teaches the concept of containment and cause & effect
✔️ Language development

Box Dimension: 42 x 36 x 16 cm

Origin Country: India

Manufactured By: Kizoplay

Tissue Box

Practice grasping skills with learning the concept of containment

Wobbly Toy

Builds core muscle strength for crawling and walking while making tummy time more fun

Spinner Rainbow Drum

Helps in hand-eye coordination, wrist and arm strength, vision development and cause & effect

Rainbow Ball

Challenging enough to build dexterity, coordination and provides grasping practice

Playful Socks

Lower body muscle development to control their body and a lesson in casue and effect

My Body Parts

Help your baby expand their vocabulary by learning the names of different parts of the body

Fruit Flashcard Set1

Build upon their natural curiosity and develops right brain memory

Farm Animal Flashcard set1

Build upon their natural curiosity and develops right brain memory

Playguide for months 5-6

Tips on how to use the products to promote learning & development, research-based expert answers to parenting questions and at-home activity ideas

Parent Resources

The Play Guide -
provides the “why” and “how” behind each thoughtfully designed product in your Play Kit.
Check the Play Guide to get hours of meaningful playtime that builds new skills.

Expert Tips and Research - highlights from experts in neuroscience and Montessori to get a closer look at developmental information for your child.

At-home Activities - Quick and fun ways to keep your child learning through play.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
It's an absolute recommendation...

Great Montessori toy for my baby , nothing special among these toys , a are special for my baby n she loves everything from the kit ..

Definitely recommend

Love the toys 😀 baby loves the wobble toy (starting to crawl due to this) and rainbow spinner.
Good quality and a must buy kit for 5/6 months baby

My baby loves it

My baby has been enjoying this kit so much, he is curious baby loves to explore. The spinning drum is one of his favorite. The wobbly toy has helped him crawl

Nitin. Patil
Loved everything about the Kit

The spinning drum is my niece's favorite, she keeps playing with it. all the other products in the kit are just amazing too and of great quality. as soon as you feel the products, you can see the premiums on them. Each toy, flashcard, book, play guide, coversheet, and even the packaging is worth every penny. lastly, they provided really fast shipping ❤️

V K Muraletharan
Making my life easier and supporting my baby's development

I am very happy with the kit because my baby is very happy with it. I have a very active baby who doesn’t stay idle for one second, hence it has always been challenging to curate toys for him which are engaging enough but not too complex for his age. Kizo play kits have been a boon because every single toy in it correctly maps to the cognizant and motor abilities of my baby. His favorite toy is the wobbly toy which keeps rolling when he touches it, and then he crawls behind it to keep touching it more and finally mouthing it. I truly believe that the right set of toys can develop their skills faster - case in point, my baby started crawling at 4 months 1 week mark, after trying for a week to chase after toys. His current prey is the colorful ball which he pounces upon like a tiger. He is at a stage where everything goes in the mouth, hence I am super thankful that the toys are made keeping safety in mind! I also lay down all the activity cards for him and he has a blast shuffling them. Finally to help with his sitting milestone, I keep him on my lap and help him explore the tissue box by pulling on the tissues - he usually just wriggles away from my grasp to the floor in 2 seconds but the tissue box makes him stay with me for a while and helps us bond in close contact while also developing his mind and motor skills. Thank you again kizoplay for not only developing my child but also making my life easier and helping me navigate motherhood while having fun.

What it includes?

When you buy Kizo Play Kits, you’ll receive:

Toys designed for developing brain
Receive heirloom-quality Montessori toys designed to support your child’s specific stage of brain development.
Weekly Parenting Guidance
Get weekly resources for developmental guidance, information, and ideas directly from Montessori educators.
Expert Consultation
New customers get one free consultation with child development experts. Get parenting questions answered via email, or consult online.