Montessori Play Kit Level 4 Advance - 7 Months+

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Age: 7 Months+

What is included in Advance play kit?

🧠 Set of 10 Montessori Toys
👩‍⚕️ Get 1 free consultation call
📝 Developmental milestone chart
✉️ Weekly developmental tips on Whatsapp

What will my baby learn ?

✔️ Teaches the concept of object permanence
✔️  Lay the foundation of memory development
✔️ Develops problem solving skills, builds pincer and palmer grasp
✔️ Practice nesting and stacking 

Box Dimension: 42 x 36 x 16 cm

Origin Country: India

Manufactured By: Kizoplay

Object Permanence Box

Builds gross motor skills while learning the concept of object permanence that objects exists even if we can't see it

Nesting Bowls

Teaches several key concepts: tower-building, nesting, and containment

Ele Pull Toy

Encourages pretend play and promote motor skill development as your baby starts learning to walk

Treasure Basket

A Montessori classic for introducing, exploring, and containing items

Steel Cup

Drinking from a cup builds mouth muscles that will be used later for speaking

First Puzzle

Start developing fine motor skills and problem solving

'Sign Language' Board Book

A helpful introduction to basic sign language for you and your baby

Vegetable Flashcard Set1

Builds visual and pattern memory with auditory and vocabulary development

Transport Flashcard Set1

Builds visual and pattern memory with auditory and vocabulary development

Playguide for months 7-8

Tips on how to use the products to promote learning & development, research-based expert answers to parenting questions and at-home activity ideas

Parent Resources

The Play Guide -
provides the “why” and “how” behind each thoughtfully designed product in your Play Kit.
Check the Play Guide to get hours of meaningful playtime that builds new skills.

Expert Tips and Research - highlights from experts in neuroscience and Montessori to get a closer look at developmental information for your child.

At-home Activities - Quick and fun ways to keep your child learning through play.

Customer Reviews

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It's an absolute recommendation...

Great thing is that she is now pro with your level 3 kit , as usual she loves everything. Now she is more on object performance box n ele pull toy also she is liked everyday about your flashcards.grt box again for my baby .. it's big thumbs up 👍

Worth it

I loved the quality of each product and how well it's mapped to the current stage of baby's development. Toys are engaging and safe, even the books, flashcards are really good quality. Playguide gave a good idea on how to use the toy and the best part if coversheet which comes with milestones. highly recommend the kit.

What it includes?

When you buy Kizo Play Kits, you’ll receive:

Toys designed for delveloping brain
Receive heirloom-quality Montessori toys designed to support your child’s specific stage of brain development.
Weekly Parenting Guidance
Get weekly resources for developmental guidance, information, and ideas directly from Montessori educators.
Expert Consultation
New customers get one free consultation with child development experts. Get parenting questions answered via email, or consult online.