Montessori Play Kit Level 6 Advance - 11 Months+

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Age: 11 Months+

What is included in Advance play kit?

🧠 Set of 8 Montessori Toys
👩‍⚕️ Get 1 free consultation call
📝 Developmental milestone chart
✉️ Weekly developmental tips on Whatsapp

What will my baby learn ?

✔️ Builds visual tracking skills vital for reading
✔️ Develops pincer grasp essential for writing
✔️ Cognitive development through object manipulation
✔️ Enhances bilateral coordination and boosts memory

Box Dimension: 42 x 36 x 16 cm

Origin Country: India

Manufactured By: Kizoplay

Ball Tracker

Learning first lessons of physics when the balls move on the ramp, builds visual tracking skills vital to reading in preschool

Wooden Peg Drop

Precise fine motor skill development with opportunities of problem solving. Helps in color recognition and concept of counting

Speedo Cars

Challenges both sides of the brain and enhance bilateral co-ordination. Move the speedo in and out of the cars develop palmer grasp

Pincer Puzzle

Promotes hand-eye coordination, sorting, knowledge of basic shapes, pincer grasp function, and vocabulary-shape recognition

Cotton Doll

Great pretend play companion to lay the foundation of emotional intelligence

'My Colorful Food' Board Book

Boosts memory, encourage talking and builds vocabulary by associating fruits and colors

Fruits Flashcard Set2

Develops right brain memory, increases concentration and vocabulary

Transport Flashcard Set2

Develops right brain memory, increases concentration and vocabulary

Play Guide for Months 11–12

Tips on how to use the products to promote learning & development, research-based expert answers to parenting questions and at-home activity ideas

Parent Resources

The Play Guide -
provides the “why” and “how” behind each thoughtfully designed product in your Play Kit.
Check the Play Guide to get hours of meaningful playtime that builds new skills.

Expert Tips and Research - highlights from experts in neuroscience and Montessori to get a closer look at developmental information for your child.

At-home Activities - Quick and fun ways to keep your child learning through play.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Madhuri Rani
Best toys

Best toys to meet their needs and keep them entertained too

Rishabh Kumar
Great and thoughtful kit!

My nephew had great time with the toys.
Good part about kit is variety and fun that they offer. Also loved their tips about toys.

Bonnie Kedia
Loved it!

Not only my lo but I am loving playing with the uniquely and smartly designed box.Special mention to the doll,whom we named Kizo who has become so close to my baby,R.Unfortunately we misplaced it on our recent trip but the team from Kizoplay were so supportive that they decided to arrange for another one.
I only wish to suggest that they should introduce toys beyond one year of age so that our hunt for it can be sorted at one go.

Very well made and consciously curated

Kizoplay play sets have been very well made and curated very consciously. They’ve been made for those little hands! No sharp edges, great quality wood, safe for those exploring fingers and mouths!! With wooden toys, comes the apprehension of how the quality is and whether or not it may hurt the child. Kizoplay has taken care of this apprehension in the best way possible. My son is 14 months now, and still loves his kizoplay set!

Carefully crafted for the months of 11-12, it works beyond that age also.

From the extremely detailed developmental chart, the vivid flash cards, unique toys, expert panel consultants, and comprehensive guide book for parents, this Kizoplay kit gives you more than it’s worth!

Looking forward to their 1+ year kits.

What it includes?

When you buy Kizo Play Kits, you’ll receive:

Toys designed for delveloping brain
Receive heirloom-quality Montessori toys designed to support your child’s specific stage of brain development.
Weekly Parenting Guidance
Get weekly resources for developmental guidance, information, and ideas directly from Montessori educators.
Expert Consultation
New customers get one free consultation with child development experts. Get parenting questions answered via email, or consult online.