Montessori Play Kit Level 1 Advance - 0 Months+

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Age: Weeks 0-12

What is included in Advance play kit?

🧠 Set of 8 Montessori Toys
👩‍⚕️ Get 1 free consultation call
📝 Developmental milestone chart
✉️ Weekly developmental tips on Whatsapp

What will my baby learn ?

✔️ Develops your baby’s vision and strengthens eye muscles
✔️ Builds gross motor skills and develops grasping
✔️ Improves concentration and focus
✔️ Builds new brain pathways through visual and auditory stimulation

Box Dimension: 42 x 36 x 16 cm

Origin Country: India

Manufactured By: Kizoplay

Dumbell Rattle

Small enough for your newborn to grasp, this rattle develops hand control and auditory sense with enclosed bells

Montessori Puzzle Ball

A Montessori classic, perfect for grasping, rolling and kicking from legs

Flashcard Holder

Perfect for stimulating the baby's developing vision and language comprehension, and is great for tummy time

Black & White Crochet Rattle

Works with baby's natural reflexes to develop her grasp, concentration and sound tracking

Black & White Cot Mobile

High-contrast geometric patterns develop your baby's vision and ignites their inherent mathematical sense

Crochet Batting Ball

Introduces cause and effect and strengthens the connection between the left and right sides of the brain through movement

Simple Black & White Card Set

Develops and strengthen your baby's vision. Stimulates brain growth

Complex Black & White Card Set

Variying complex patterns builds concentration and provides visual stimulation

Play Guide for Weeks 0–12

Tips on how to use the products to promote learning & development, research-based expert answers to parenting questions and at-home activity ideas

Parent Resources

The Play Guide -
provides the “why” and “how” behind each thoughtfully designed product in your Play Kit.
Check the Play Guide to get hours of meaningful playtime that builds new skills.

Expert Tips and Research - highlights from experts in neuroscience and Montessori to get a closer look at developmental information for your child.

At-home Activities - Quick and fun ways to keep your child learning through play.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Kanmani C
Kizo have Everything what we need for little ones

As a mother we are frantically looking out for the best for our kids while sleep deprived and exhausted
Toys play an important role in this
Kizo is ur one stop solution for all your needs
Right from newborn to toddlers

Mohamed Safeeth

Montessori Play Kit Level 1 Advance - 0 Months+

Development Fun Play Game

The kizo play box is full of fun. I got it late as per the recommended month but my baby 3 month old enjoys each and every toy in the level one like the mobile , card set , rattle. I thank kizo play for such wonderful kit.

The Only Kit you need

Often new parents are confused what to buy and what the child needs. Not knowing what to do puts us in a confused state that we buy way more things than the child needs and they would not be appropriate too.
But since Kizo I have no doubt as all what my child needs is in the kit. The 0-3 months has amazing things curated for the newborns needs and development. Since this box is curated by experts and have a development checklist it's easy to identify any issues first hand. This one box is amazing and must buy for your newborn.

What it includes?

When you buy Kizo Play Kits, you’ll receive:

Toys designed for developing brain
Receive heirloom-quality Montessori toys designed to support your child’s specific stage of brain development.
Weekly Parenting Guidance
Get weekly resources for developmental guidance, information, and ideas directly from Montessori educators.
Expert Consultation
New customers get one free consultation with child development experts. Get parenting questions answered via email, or consult online.