Playtime with Purpose

Made for Developing Brain
Our products are designed by a team of experts that links brain science with Montessori and Waldorf philosophies to make sure they're exactly what your child needs and loves.
Right Toys at Right Time
80% of your child's brain is formed by the age of 3. Our products support your child's brain development at each stage to help them grow to be their best selves.
Expert Consultation
Get your parenting questions answered via chat, email, or live consultation from child development experts and doctors.
Parenting Made Easier
Equipped with our personalized support, discover the joy of playtime, and be in awe of what your child is capable of at each stage.
Child Safe and Sustainable
Kizo toys are heirloom quality, built to last, made with natural materials, wood, organic cotton, and non-toxic paint.
How it works?

Get a box of science-backed toys to your doorstep at each developmental stage.

Start at the Right Age
Pick the kit as per your child’s birth date and provide her the best tools for brain development.
Weekly follow-ups
Equipped with our personalized support, expert tips and development information.
Access to Child Development Experts
Get your parenting questions answered online or live consult from child development experts.


Make #kizomoments with Kizo Play Kits

Mom knows the best!

We used the Level 6 play kit for our 1 year old baby and she absolutely loved it! The ball tracker and the cotton doll are her absolute faourites. The quality of every single toy is top-notch - would high recommend!

Prachi Oza

Kizoplay kits are one stop solution for Krishiv's toys. The toys are safe and extremely good quality. Plus no more need to research about developmental toys, Kizoplay has got me covered.